Brand Story
      M1 anti haze mask is the United States MINIO2 founder David and his wife Nina joint invention. David has contributed to the anti haze technology of the mask, and Nina has added a sense of fashion to the mask.
      David and Nina are a loving couple, David is a product of science and technology, childhood hobby invention; Nina is an active in the T model, is a graduate majoring in fashion design. David had his wife invented clothing dry cleaning machine, do not let Nina from laundry and ironing clothes; David was also because his wife Nina do not have a fever cold distressed invented cold machine.
      M1 anti haze masks originally invented the power source in 2011 - 2012, David and Nina to study at Peking University during the period, Nina suffered Beijing fog and haze weather torture. Nina was suffering from bronchitis, the haze days will be sick, like throat phlegm stuck, coughing, dyspnea. David began to find a way to resist the haze intrusion, in a and Nina to travel in Africa, David saw the African elephant through the sand, the vast desert, but rarely infects the lungs and respiratory diseases, he was inspired. Later, David visit to the African elephant biology experts, understand that there is an automatic valve, automatic connection in the trunk of cartilage, nasal and tracheal barrier, prevent water and dust into the lungs; another elephant in the nasal cavity mucosa and hair follicles can absorb harmful dust, clean air. David quickly applied the idea to the anti haze products and invented a personal breathing apparatus, the trunk filter, which effectively blocked dust.
      David invented the trunk filter to let his wife Nina try it on, Nina felt very effective, but the beauty of the Nina did not want to wear the filter directly on the nose, because it looks ugly. Nina play her costume design professional students artistic talent is designed to highlight the three-dimensional filter mask V face their own; using a headset wearing style so as not to damage her long blonde hair; selection of the most popular fashion color, form and collocation of his clothes. David and Nina's design combines M1 masks to become a combination of technology and fashion anti haze products.

     MiniO2 - "Mini" and "O2" made up of "logo", which means providing clean oxygen for each individual. American MiniO2 Corporation is a company focused on personal air protection technology research and product development, production and sales, headquartered in South Carolina, the company products are mainly related to PM2.5, the movement of anti haze masks anti haze masks, protective masks and other children.

     MiniO2 is committed to providing professional air purification solutions to customers around the world. It has the core of its own air filtration and purification technology, and product design patents. MiniO2 always adhere to technological innovation as the driving force of enterprise development, with the most professional talent resources of air protection, a huge global air pollution monitoring analysis database, market differentiation demand, and continuously meet the users in different areas of air protection products. In 2014, MiniO2 began to enter the Chinese market, and join hands with Chinese partners to provide Chinese consumers with the latest anti haze mask products.

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